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    Our Philosophy
    Our Perspective: Integrative Medicine
    Summary of Credentials & Accomplishments
    How do we work? What to expect as a client?

    Our Philosophy

    Our purpose in life is to help others to regain their wellness holistically and naturally. In addition we strive to provide them the chance to be involved in their own care, to make vital decisions about their own health, to be touched emotionally, and to be changed psychologically in the process.

    Our Perspecive: Integrative Medicine

    Many people who seek holistic health practitioners have exhausted all the options of orthodox medicine. Some of them believe their doctor or medical system is too technical, impersonal, remote, and uncaring. A body-mind-soul approach is potentially a corrective to this tendency, a reminder of the importance of human connection that opens up the power of patients acting on their own behalf.

    We emphasize to our clients that we need to engage the expertise of medical doctors, surgeons, and physicians of all sorts to help us with a specific diagnosis and understanding of medical options when dealing with a seriously diseased body. Not to mention the need we have for medical emergencies and/or prescription drugs when appropriate.

    On the other hand, we encourage our clients to let their doctors know that they visit us, that they learn how to look to themselves from a holistic perspective… and that we encourage the harmony between all health care professions towards an integrative medicine, keeping the client's best interest top priority.

    How do we work? What to expect as a client?

    There is a 4 step wellness journey:

    1. Holistic Analysis and Assessment: Through muscle testing, reflexology, urine and saliva pH analysis, blood type, a thorough interview and consultation (including oriental evaluation of tongue and pulse), we work together to create a personalized treatment that will bring the client to the level of wellness.

    2. Setting the Stage: Based on this information, we work with the client to form a "game plan" for better health. This first step is modified based on the level of willingness and determination the client expresses to begin living a healthy lifestyle - then we build the first step in a customized step-by-step process for the client to follow.

    3. Building the Nutritional Foundation: These programs include a variety of applications and always include a program of supplemental nutrition (herbs, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, etc.) to support the clients’ nutritional needs, to detoxify the body and/or strengthen particular body systems.

    4. Completing the Mind-Body-Spirit harmony: The programs may include counsel on the benefits of or the use of any combination of the following: Counseling on Stress Management, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Magneto-puncture, Tui-na Massage, Auricular therapy,Nutrition Emotional Healing (with the use of Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies). However, we are convinced that our help is very minute thing comparing with what the Creation, nature and your body can do for you. What we really wanted you accomplish is that you become aware of your healing powers and how to use them in reaching the wellness.

    5. Additional Enforcements for Total Wellness: Some therapies or consultative services are not offered by us directly, but that might be suggested and referred out to enhance the customized holistic program include: Chiropractic care, Psychiatric counseling, Podiatry, Colonic Irrigation, Holistic Dentistry, Exercise/Fitness Instructors, Therapeutic Massage (lymphatic drainage and others), Physical.

    Our ultimate goal is to help our clients make permanent lifestyle changes that are supportive to a healthy life and lifestyle, and to assist the client in reaching their optimum wellness potential.


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