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    Acupuncture for Longevity(E0026) - March 19th, 2014
    While antiaging and longevity therapies have only recently become a focus of conventional medicine, Chinese medicine has focused on cultivating longevity for millenia, and the lives of Chinese physicians give us evidence that Chinese acupuncture, herbal medicine, and dietary practices can very effectively foster a healthy life span. [More]

    Face lift and cosmetic treatment with acupuncture(E0025) - April 19th, 2010
    Acupuncture has been used to treat skin complaints and reduce signs of aging for centuries. In fact, facial rejuvenation acupuncture, also known as cosmetic acupuncture, has a recorded history going as far back as China's Sung Dynasty (960AD - 1270AD), when the Empress and the Emperor's concubines used it to engender beauty and good health. [More]

    Stop Smoking with Acupuncture (E0024) - March 21st, 2010
    The reasons to quit smoking are endless. Cigarettes have 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins. These include nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic and DDT. According to the CDC, tobacco is the cause of 443,000 premature deaths each year, and is associated with emphysema, lung cancer, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, chronic cough and an increase in frequency of colds and flu. [More]

    5 Ways Acupuncture Creates Lasting New Year's Resolutions (E0022) - January 28th, 2010
    Losing weight is the #1 most common New Year's Resolution. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine can help you reach your goal weight and maintain it by promoting better digestion, smoothing emotions, reducing appetite, improving metabolism, and eliminating food cravings. From an Oriental medicine perspective, the acupuncture points, foods and herbs that are chosen to assist with weight loss directly influence the Qi of the Spleen and Liver systems to treat the root imbalances that are causing the weight gain. [More]

    Keep acupuncture alive in Ontario, Canada! (E0021) - January 26th, 2010
    Needling procedures performed with a lack of knowledge of TCM theories and without the guidance of anatomical acupuncture, may be used as an adjunctive therapy with other health professional practices, such as those in pain management. However such practices cannot assume that the quality of a professional treatment can be provided in accordance to TCM standards. Therefore, quality treatment of the above mentioned diseases in a clinical setting cannot be assured and therefore it cannot serve to protect the maximum interest and well-being of the public. [More]

    Memento mori (E0020) - January 23d, 2010
    "I certainly don't know all the answers. These are just suggestions. But among the many patients I have cared for, one question recurs: "Can we talk?" Talk about death is as difficult as talking about sex. But when I have talked 'dirty' with my patients, when they have whispered their deepest fears and concerns, they seemed to gain a measure of peace. Always, I learned more than I taught. I felt honored to be their listening friend". [More]

    Heal Dark Circles with Traditional Chinese Medicine (E0019) - January 12th, 2010
    "They say the eyes of a healthy person can face any situation: blinding light, cold, wind or even slicing onions... Blinking is also, oftentimes, a sign of internal imbalance, usually also in the liver. Excessive consumption of sweets, fats, meat, and alcohol causes eye-fatigue and, as a result, weak eyesight." [More]

    Acupuncture is better than drug therapy in patients with breast cancer (E0018) - January 8th, 2010
    "I agreed to a Chinese traditional treatment in addition to the allopathic one universally offered by medicine because I wanted an assurance that something can be done to better stand the side effects of chemotherapy and radiations; and continued it even when doctors and nurses were advising about the interference of allopathic treatment with the parallel treatment or even the danger of being annulled by it". [More]

    Sorcova - a Romanian children caroling custom (E0017) - January 1st, 2010
    "Children wear the symbol of celebration in their hands a bouquet used for the New Year's wishes called "Sorcova". Usually Sorcova is made of blooming, fertile tree branches (the ones put to bud on Saint Andrew day) adorned with red tassels. Nowadays, Sorcova is made of artificial flowers tied on a little branch." [More]

    Effects of alcohol in beer, wine and liquor intakes(E0016) - December 21, 2009
    "However, moderate intake of alcohol beverages has beneficial effects on bones, but the effects of different classes of alcohol beverages have not been examined. The association between intake of total alcohol or individual alcohol beverages and bone mineral were studied in 1182 men, 1289 postmenopausal women, and 248 premenopausal women in the Framingham Offspring cohort (age 29-86 yr). After adjusting for potential confounding factors, the alcohol intakes and BMD (bone mineral density).." [More]

    How to Boost Energy with Acupuncture in Winter(E0015) - December 20, 2009
    "Winter is ruled by the Water element, which is associated with the Kidneys, Bladder and Adrenal Glands. The Kidneys are considered the source of all energy or "Qi" within the body. They store all of the reserve Qi in the body so that it can be used in times of stress and change, or to heal, prevent illness, and age gracefully." [More]

    TCM better than western medicine to heal IBS(E0014) - June 9, 2009
    "The data is pretty clear that we can make a significant drop in the cancer rate with these three changes," Collins said. "We can prevent about one-third of cancers with these changes. And if you add tobacco prevention, which reduces about 30 percent of cancers, over half of today's cancers could be prevented." [More]

    TCM better than western medicine to heal IBS(E0013) - January 15, 2009
    Director of Institute of Digestive Disease of the University Professor Joseph Sung said that over 70 percent of the IBS patients have troublesome abdominal pain and diarrhea that lead to major disturbance on daily activities and psychological well-being. Sung said that conventional Western medicine cannot provide satisfactory and sustained relief of IBS symptoms. Many patients even experience worsening of symptoms after taking these medicines. [More]

    Releasing anger helps breast cancer (E0012) - April 4, 2007
    This doctor is actually a Christian practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is young, attractive and very interested in my breast cancer journey. I relax because I believe she can help me go within and find what is missing. Examining meridians "I am going to examine your meridians first," she says. I did not know I had them and quickly try to figure out what part of my body she intends to examine. "Meridians," she explains, "are the pathways through which the body's bio-energy flows." She tapes sensors to several pulse points, and in a few minutes the results are that I have blockages in my meridians. This means that my energy is not flowing properly. [More]

    News of the week of March 24, 2008 (E0011) - March 25, 2007
    Acu-lift is a non-surgical facial enhancement technique using acupuncture and electro-acupuncture to help restore a more youthful appearance by giving your face a natural "lift". Acu-Lift does this by gently stimulating your facial muscles around your eyes, forehead, cheeks and chin. It helps to reduce lines and wrinkles, lifts the muscles around the eye and enhances your cheek bones. Even after one treatment you will see the difference. It costs 575 for a course of three treatments. [More]

    Cold and Flu Suggestions (E0010) - December 30, 2007
    Did you know that all citrus fruits; lemons, oranges, grapefruits, tangerines etc. have strong anti-viral qualities? At the first sign of cold or flu start taking 1,000 mgs. of vitamin C many times a day and drink lots of hot lemon water. Avoid all dairy and oranges during a cold as these foods create more mucus. Note: Also avoid any strong tonifying foods in the first three days of the cold/flu (i.e. long boiled chicken soup that we call "Jewish soup"... [More]

    Chinese massage Therapy (E0009) - December 30, 2007
    ...This therapy focuses on improving the structural alignment of the body and on healing soft tissue injuries. It also corrects any deviant functions of the internal organs, nerves, and joints. Chinese bodywork and tissue therapy are the foundational source for modern Swedish massage, myofascial trigger point therapy, reflexology and therapeutic neuromuscular therapy... [More]

    Japanese Acupuncture and Kanpo (E0008) - December 30, 2007
    ....Chinese medicine was introduced to the imperial court of Japan in the 5th century A.D. by Korean physicians. Monks and traveling physicians from Korea and China introduced Chinese ideas more generally during the 5th and 6th centuries. Medical works on acupuncture and moxibustion, with detailed diagrams, were made known in Japan by the Chinese doctor Zhi Cong around A.D. 560, and... [More]

    Health and Sex in Traditional Chinese Medicine and in day to day life (E0007) - December 20, 2006 - revised January 31st, 2010
    Sun Simiao (AD 581-682), a great physician of the Tang Dynasty, believed that sex is valuable and essential to health. In his Essential Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Pieces of Gold he says: "A man must have a woman, and a woman must have a man. If he has no woman, he thinks wild, if he thinks wild, it injures his mind, and if it injures the mind, it injures his health." [More]

    Moxibustion (E0006) - November 18, 2006

    Acupuncture...in short (E0005) - November 18, 2006

    Cancer and personality (E0004) - November 25, 2006

    Vets Turn to Acupuncture for Ailing Pets (E0003) - November 20, 2006

    e-book Why is Acupuncture the best for me ? (E0003b) - November 11, 2006

    Yin and Yang Theory (E0002) - September 29, 2006

    Migraines and Headaches - types and causes (E0001) - April 29, 2006

    Comments on Bill 50 - Regulating TCM and Acupuncture in Ontario - October 31, 2006

    Vets Turn to Acupuncture for Ailing Pets - November 20, 2006

    Acupuncture and TCM in Ontario, November 2006

    Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine is being regulated in Ontario - November 24th, 2006

    The Ontario Legislative Assembly unanimously passed the third reading Bill 50 on Thursday, November 23rd, 2006. 6:30 pm

    - Bill 50 is awaiting for Royal assent - November 27th, 2006 click here
    - Amended Bill 50 after second reading. click here for more details...
    - Background and resources of Bill 50. click here for more details...


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