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    We try to help whoever is in pain or has any health issues using an integrative approach of Western Medicine and Traditional Oriental/ Holistic Medicine principles. Also we kindly encourage the visitors of our site to share their experiences, thoughts, comments or concerns on health and wellness. Therefore you are more than welcome to visit the mini-forums below.

    As a general rule, we try to post on mini-forums some of the topics related to the most recent searched keywords used by our site visitors. As an example if 10 of the visitors search today information about "wrinkles" we include as soon as we can a topic about "wrinkles" including latest information we have available on that subject. We believe that in this manner we can help each other and clarify a bit the topic… from both Western an Eastern Medicine perspective.

    Alternative Medicine - Forum for general conversation on alternative medicine and TCM modalities , share interests and experiences, post questions, comments or... anything.

    Health Issues - Discussions on specific health issues/problems, treatment modalites, pros & cons, ask for help, tips

    Forum Policy - Be kind, polite, have common sense... Anybody is more than welcome, but only who is friendly and respects others can remain.

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