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    CandiGONE Cleansing Kit

    Price: $29.89

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    1. Provide ALL nourishment the body-mind needs to speed up healing

    1. Relax (reflexology, aromatherapy)
    2. Air
    3. Bio-energy (reflexology, acupuncture, etc)
    4. Connections, people, nature, spirit
    5. Diet
    6. Sunlight & full spectrum light
    7. Activity
    8. Attitude and manage your stress

    2. Reduce stressors to enable detox & healing esp. allergens, drugs, electro/geopathic     stress
    3. Get the metals & petrochemicals out
    4. Heal the thyroid & gut

    In our therapy sessions we give the specific details on how you can do each of these, mostly yourself. For testing and some medications, if needed, you will need to see your physician.


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