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    Nutrition (Chinese Food Therapy) is a practice of healing using natural foods instead of medications.

    Chinese food therapy is a modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), also known as Chinese Nutrition therapy. It is particularly popular among Cantonese people who enjoy slow-cooked soups. One of the most commonly known is a rice soup that goes by many names including congee and jook. This is a traditional breakfast of Asian people all over the world. Congee recipes vary infinitely, depending upon the desired health benefits as well as taste.

    Some common food therapy items and recipes

    • Korean or Chinese ginseng (Root of a plant that has the Yang properties).
    • Alleged effects: promote circulation, increase blood supply, revitalize and aid recovery from weakness after illness. The ginseng root is double steamed with chicken meat as a soup.
    • American ginseng (Root of a plant similar to Korean ginseng, but it has the Yin properties).
    • Alleged effects: cleansing of excessive Yang in the body The ginseng is sliced, a few slices are soaked in hot water to make a tea Most American ginseng is produced in Wisconsin, USA
    • A Cantonese cough remedy (Dried duck gizzards, watercress, apricot kernels).
    • Alleged effects: relieve both Yin (resulted from cold) or Yang (resulted from dryness) type of coughing
      • Water cress is for removing excessive yang in the body
      • The sweet apricot kernels and bitter apricot kernels target the lungs.
      • The dried duck gizzards are used to balance the Yin Yang of the recipe.
      • Water cress is available in most supermarkets while the rest of the ingredients can be found in most Chinese herb stores.
      • The ingredients are slow cooked for couple of hours into a soup, a small piece of pork is optional for flavor.
      • Do not use beef or chicken in this recipe because they nullify the effects of the water cress.

    Chinese diet and our practice

    Since we live in Canada and here we have available a broad variety of food of Oriental orogine (imported or produced in Nort America) it is quite easy to use this amazing source of health. Therefore in our practice we use Chinese diet as a powerfull therapy in cases such:
    • Weight loss
    • Deficiency end excess diseases
    • Deficiency end excess diseases and aging
    Similar efects with Chinese diet (based on Chinese type of food) can be obtained using Western food with similar properties for preventing and curing ailments.

    Food therapy items and recipes



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