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    Tai Chi (originally Tai Chi Quan) is a 2,000 years old Chinese martial art. It means Highest Martial Art (Tai means Supreme, Chi means Ultimate, Quan means Fist). Tai Chi is now viewed as one of the most effective mind and body exercise in the world.

    From a holistic perspective nowadays Tai Chi refers to a “supreme balance and relaxation therapy” -an exercise for health, tranquility of mind and improvement of temperament.

    Qi Gong is a way of working with the life energy in the body. Qi means air, breath or vital essence and is the life force that is in all living things; Gong means work or achievement.

    Qi Gong uses postures, movements, breathing, meditation, sound, visualization, and conscious intent to gather, circulate energy in the body, and cleanse or purify life energy to improve health, resist illness and increase one's sense of harmony.


    Although the accepted history of Tai Chi and Qi Gong date their beginnings to the time of Chang San Feng, usually situated around the 12th Century, this is by no means certain. From cave paintings and references in ancient medical texts from China it appears that exercise systems similar in style to what we know as Tai Chi and Qi Gong were practiced for health much earlier than that - and perhaps as early as 3000 BC.

    Nowadays Tai Chi and Qi Gong guide towards understanding and applying in modern life the principles of ancient Chinese philosophy of 'the Way' or 'the Path' (Tao) through life. This principle remains still to this day at the heart of oriental philosophy and culture. Taoism is built on moderation, humility and integrity. It celebrates the forces of nature, and recognizes the interplay of yin and yang in all things, and in many respects it is a very modern way of looking at the world.

    People who practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong with regularity often arrive at an understanding of their own individual Tao, or path, which subsequently helps them connect to the greater Tao of nature.

    The benefits of practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong

    Increased Qi circulation throughout the body is the primary benefit of Tai Chi and Qi Gong exercises. When the Qi flows without disruption, the body is able to resist or overcome blockages or imbalances and resulting disharmonies.

    Some of the signs of improved Qi flow with Tai Chi and Qi Gong exercises are:

    · Warmth which is noticeable in the extremities, lower abdomen and lower back
    · A sensation of weight, balance, and groundedness
    · Vibration or tingling feeling commonly felt in the fingers and palms
    · A subjective feeling of expansiveness or blending into the surrounding environment.

    Some of the benefits of Tai Chi and Qi Gong are:

    · Better functioning of the lungs, heart and joints
    · It focuses on the entire body, including the nervous system and circulation
    · Young and old can do the exercises
    · It involves the body, mind and spirit
    · It is preventative as it boosts the immune system
    · It allows one to take control of their own well-being.

    How we do use Tai Chi / Qi Gong in our practice?

    1) By practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner can accumulate energy, build up inner strength and balance the energy of his/her body (Qi). In this way the energy can directly be used as a healing therapy through specific procedures.

    In fact we prepare ourselves on a daily basis to be ready to help anytime you are in need and you knock at our door, to share with you our experience, knowledge and visible and invisible resources.

    2) You can discover together with us the little “secrets” of Qi Gong or Tai Chi:

    · how to breath better, to listen, to hear an to concentrate by…relaxing,
    · how to concentrate and try to listen our body, to understand its needs and,
    · how to apply by yourself all of that in your day to day activity for your growth, your health, your wisdom...


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